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Hospital Radio run by volunteers for the patients, staff and visitors of Halton General Hospital in Runcorn, Cheshire - Registered Charity No 1068428

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About Us

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Radio Halton provides a music and information service to the patients, staff and visitors of Halton General Hospital in Runcorn, Cheshire (UK), within Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust . 

The service began broadcasting in 1986 and is a registered charity (No 1068428)   

What we do

Radio Halton typically broadcasts live programmes 12 hours a day, between 10am and 10pm, supplying a wide range of music to cater for most tastes.  Patients can access music on bedside headsets during the night if they need to relax when sleep is difficult

As well broadcasting to the wards on channel 3, we can also be heard via speakers in three Out-patient clinics (A, B and C), ECG Waiting Area plus the Tea Bar area at the front of the hospital (Entrance 1)

If we raise enough funds, we hope to extend the service to other areas of the hospital in the future, including the Cheshire and Merseyside Treatment Centre, the Delamere Centre and more.  This could be done by using the intranet to stream our output to hospital computers in departments or we are also investigating the possibility of mobile phone technology

There are no paid staff:  we have a dedicated and patient-focused team of volunteers who visit the wards of Halton General Hospital.  The frequency of ward visits varies, depending on other demands in the lives of the volunteers who give up their spare time to help

We are run by an Executive Committee of Trustees which meets 6 times per year.  We currently have four Trustees:  Derek Gates (Station Manager), Graham Tarry (Chairman), John Timms (Hon Treasurer) and Eileen Kelly (Hon Secretary).  We also hold General meetings 6 times a year for all volunteers to take a part in decision making

The photo below is Halton General Hospital's Entrance 2 - to find Radio Halton, go in via Entrance 2 and turn right immediately -

Entrance 2we're on the right of this entrance on the lower level:  directional signs will help you find us

If you arrive by car, don't worry about paying before you come in.  Pay when you leave the building to return to your car.  You'll need coins or a chip and pin card for the pay and display car park machine, located in the hospital entrance

You can also pay by phone using your card

The current charges since April 2018 are

up to 30 minutes is free
up to 2 hours 2.50, up to 4 hours 3.50, up to 6 hours 5, up to 24 hours 6

and displayed in the image below

Car park sign


Why do we provide music?

It's  widely accepted that music can be invaluable in managing pain relief and promoting health by speeding recovery and boosting immunity.  See details, together with medical references here http://www.emedexpert.com/tips/music.shtml

David playing for SaulThe idea actually goes back 3,000 years, to when King Saul was ill and asked David to play the harp to make him feel better -

- check it out in 1 Samuel chapter 16 verse 23: 

" From then on, whenever the evil spirit sent by God came on Saul, David would get his harp and play it. The evil spirit would leave, and Saul would feel better and be all right again"

MusicHelpsSurgery BBC News reported in August 2015 that "Listening to music before, during and after an operation can help reduce pain."  An analysis of data found evidence that people who listened to music had reduced anxiety and were less likely to request pain relief

There are no known negative effects of listening to music, and you would be expected to be free to listen to personal music before a surgical procedure (for example while waiting to be taken to the operating theatre) or when recovering on the ward after. And if you find music helps you relax in these situations, it must be a good thing 

More information about this research can be found on the NHS website here


Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

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Blue box

 Locations for our collection boxes:   

Appleton Village Chippy, Widnes 

Booze Buster, Church Street, Runcorn

Brookvale Community Centre, Northwich Road, Brookvale, Runcorn

CJ's Barbers, Hampton Drive, Cronton, Widnes

The George Lloyd Restuarant, Halton General Hospital, Runcorn

Panny's Fish and Chips, Walton Road, Stockton Heath

Go Local Post Office, Shopping City, Runcorn

Planet Ice, The Hive, Earle Road, Widnes Waterfront

Quigley's Bakery, Grangeway, Runcorn

SG Stores, Grangeway, Runcorn

St Paul's Pharmacy, High Street, Runcorn

Shaw's Butchers, Church Street, Runcorn

Sue's Cafe, 6 Church Street, Runcorn

 The Village Store, Cronton, Widnes

Weston Village Store, Weston Village, Runcorn

We're pleased we've yet another new location for our collection boxes ...  If you'd like to help us by putting a collection box for Radio Halton in your community venue, please let us know by ringing 01928 753417 or email radio.halton@nhs.net 

Make sure your donation does reach Radio Halton

Radio Halton volunteers do not carry out street collections or door to door collections.  We would need to buy a licence to do this and we are not licensed to do so. 

If you suspect someone of fraudulently collecting money in the name of Radio Halton, please inform the local police on 101 or contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or Report it online

Grateful thanks to:

Thank you to the clients at CJ Barbers in Cronton who donated 24.38 up to December 2018.

               Thank you to the customers at Planet Ice in Widnes who donated 6.81 up to Nov 2018

                        Thank you to customers at Handy Jacks in Shopping City who donated 12.57 in October 2018

Customers of Weston Village Stores donated 31.37 in Feb 2020, 27.97 in Dec 2019, and 26.49 in June 2019
- thank you
                       Thank you to the customers at the Appleton Chippy in Widnes who donated 5.61 in April 2019

Thank you to customers at St Paul's Pharmacy in Runcorn Old Town put 11.64 into our collection box up to April 2018
    Go Local Post Office customers in the Shopping City raised 30.63 in Dec 2019,  20.08 in Sep 2019,  and 42.30 in Aug 2019  - thank you
                            The customers of Beechwood Stores in Runcorn gave 23.71 in the winter of 2017/18 - thank you

                                                 Thank you to Brookvale Community Centre who raised  12.91 in Dec 2019.

James Quigley of Grangeway, whose customers put 15.04 in Dec 2019, 20 in our collection box up to March 2019 - thank you

Windmill Hill Supper Bar customers donated 72.29 in Sep 2019, and a whopping 99.51 in July 2019  - Thank you so much

Thanks to S&G Stores customers in Grangeway, who gave 15.04 in the months up to March 2019

Plumb Point in Picow Farm Road raised 11.16 for us from customers up to November 2017 - thank you

Customers in Booze Buster in Church Street, Runcorn gave 8.06 in Oct 19 - thanks all

                      Shaw's Butchers
customers in Church Street, Runcorn gave 16.35 in Oct 19, and 18.92 up to April 2019 - thank
                                 Sue's Cafe in Church Street donated 14.86 up to May 2019 - thank you everyone

Customers at the Co-op in Granville Street put
43.63 change into our collection boxes there up to June 2017 - thank you

The contents of the collection box from The George Lloyd Restaurant of Halton Hospital and the Deli Bar of Cheshire & Merseyside Treatment Centre in Nov 2019 donated 25.34.  Thank you to the customers and staff there
***We always make sure there's two of our volunteers doing the counting, to double-check the amounts. 
We don't leave the responsibility to one person on their own, so that everything is openly dealt with***

... Everyone who gave to our tombola stall at Runcorn Hill on 29 + 30 July 2017.  The event raised 125.15 and volunteers want to thank all who contributed.  Prizes were given by local businesses Silver Blades in Widnes, Reel Cinema in Widnes, Shaw's Butchers of Church Street, Runcorn, and Keith from the Quality Fruit and Veg stall

Co-op cheque ... the Co-op Local Community Fund, who selected Radio Halton as one of their charities for 6 months from September 2016 until April 2017

This scheme raised a fantastic 6901 for Radio Halton

Pictured receiving the cheque are volunteers Roger Sloan, Pam Eastwood and Derry Griffiths, from Co-op Balfour Street Runcorn store manager Jack

Thanks go to John Lewis, Managing Director of SOG Ltd, who agreed in January 2012 to fund our purchase of two new 'roller-banner' style exhibition screens, plus fund other promotional items, total value of 250.  The banners help us raise awareness in the community of the service we provide and assist us in our fundraising

Logo design

Credit is due to graphic designer Jason Hill for our musical logo at the top of the pages.  It links in with the NHS logo which is blue, and being a bass clef, also harmonises (sorry!) with our sister station Radio General in Warrington who have a blue and white treble clef

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Registered Charity No 1068428